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The State of Art  Daniel Williams    Mike Leale
 Landscape & Portrait #1  Kirsty Wain    Dave Morgan-Davies
 Bruce Williams    Paul Gorman
 Jean Gillespie    James Reynolds
 Susan Mackay    Deborah Westmancoat    This is the sixth book in The State of Art, art book series and explores some of the more
 James Daniel Devlin    Sarah Stolar    traditional subjects and techniques that artists are seeking to represent. The title alludes to
 Peter Clarke    Caroline Jane Harris    the format of an image as well as the composition of the subject matter, with many artists
 Philippa Beale    The Flowerbeds, Anita Duller   maintaining a much more traditional approach.
 Julia Romano    & Hannah Stippl
 Valeriya Yanushevskaya    Cate Inglis    The depiction of landscape in art is perhaps as old as art itself, a method of attempting
 Robert P. Clarke    Philip Westcott    to place ourselves within our environment and refl ect the awesome power and beauty
 Siobhan Tarr    Aled Simons    of nature. Creating work which deals with landscape and its many facets is not merely
 Sharon Griffi n    James Elliott Dixon    limited to painting, although this approach is widely favoured. Landscape offers artists the
 Val Andrews    Anna Didik  chance to work through ideas of scale, colour, tone, composition and light & shade, and
 Petra Stenvall    Karoline Hinz    draws a direct line through art history.
 Alison Edwards    Sujata Majumdar
 Ronis Varlaam    Gabrielle Cooper    Portraiture  in  its  simplest  form  can  be  described  as  the  depiction  of  people  through
 John Devane    Sam White    artistic  practice.  Often  focussing  on  the  face,  this  genre  of  art  aims  to  depict  the
 Dj   Kenji Lim    subject  and  capture  something  of  their  inner  essence  -  communicating  more  than  a
 Jane Walker    Katarzyna Jablonska    straightforward likeness.
 John Shanks    Paul McCloskey

 The State of Art, art book series is published by Bare Hill Publishing.
 Copyright © Bare Hill Publishing 2014.
 Artwork and photography copyrights belong to each artist unless otherwise stated.
 ISBN 978-1-909825-08-6
 Editing: Andy Laffan, Chris Hodson and Robin Laffan.
 Design: Andy Laffan.
 Front and Back Cover: Arrangement #15, 2013, Aled Simons.
 Artwork location is correct at time of press, for more information and updates
 please contact the artist direct.

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