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Sally Hewett
 Born 1947
 Lives and works in Whitstable, UK
 Sally Hewett’s practice  centres  around  ideas of  beauty and
 ugliness  and  the  conventions  which  determine  our  defi nition
 of each. She is interested  in how we see things and how  we
 interpret what we see; does her particular way of representing
 bodies, using fabrics, stitching and embroidery, affect how the
 content of the work is seen? As well as investigating the divide
 between craft and art she is also interested in the role humour
 has to play in art.

 Historically,  theories of beauty have emphasised  symmetry,
 proportion  and harmony.  Hewett is interested  in picking apart
 these  inherited  defi nitions.  Are  some  characteristics  of  bodies
 inherently beautiful, or ugly, or disgusting? Or because we see
 everything through the veil of culture, fashion and convention, is
 it almost impossible for us to see bodies objectively?
 In her most recent research Hewett has been using embroidery,
 stitching, doll-making and upholstery techniques to investigate
 the marks that living leaves on the body - bruises, scars, spots,
 pimples, stretch marks etc. - and at the marks that bodies leave
 on their clothing - stains, tears, stretching, wrinkling etc.
 SALLY  HEWETT  is  an  Associate  Member  of  the  Royal  British  Society  of
 Sculptors and received her BA (Hons) Fine Art from the Kent Institute of
 Art and Design (2003). Selected Exhibitions include; The New Georgians,
 open submission exhibition, Orleans House, Twickenham, UK (2013), Drawn
 to Abstraction, open submission exhibition, Stables Gallery, Orleans House,
 Twickenham,  UK  (2013),  International  Women's  Day  Exhibition,  Georges
 House  Gallery,  Folkestone  Art  and  Science,  open  submission  exhibition,
 Courtyard Arts Gallery, Port Vale, Hertford (2013), Pinpoint, open submission
 exhibition at One Church Street Gallery, Great Missenden, UK (2013), Solo
 exhibition at The Stone Space, Leytonstone, London, UK (2013), WW Solo
 Award  group  exhibition  at  WW  Gallery,  Hatton  Garden,  London  (2013),   Above: Puts Hairs on your Chest, 2013, nylon jersey, foam padding,
 Gold, Silver, Bronze, open submission exhibition, Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford,   embroidery, human hair, quilting hoop.
 UK  (2013),  Erotica  Surreal  and  Abstract,  Edinburgh  Festival  of  Erotica,   h: 75cm w: 33cm d: 15cm, Artist’s Collection.
 Edinburgh,  UK  (2013)  and  FAB  Open,  Bath  Fringe  Festival  2011,  Bath,
 UK (2011).                                                       Left: Josephine, 2012, nylon jersey, foam padding, embroidery,
                                                                  human hair, blouse, quilting hoop.
                                                                  h: 90cm w: 33cm d: 15cm, Artist’s Collection.

 Right: Trousseau, 2011, nylon jersey, foam padding, embroidery, lace,
 ribbon, cigarettes, lighter, chewing gum, quilting hoop.
 h: 100cm w: 33cm d: 7cm, Artist’s Collection.

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