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Lourenço de Castro
          Born 1972
          Lives and works in Lisbon, Portugal

          Lourenço de Castro's practice has recently explored several directions relating   Right: Coming from the wall, 2013,
          to painting as an expanded fi eld, and with the construction and development   Oil on wood,
          of  expositive  devices  considers  installations  linking  painting  and  sculpture   h: 54cm w: 66cm d: 12cm, Private Collection.
          where there is special attention to architectural space that welcomes them. In   Below: Cropping of the space, 2013,
          sculpture, he is interested in the material’s character, as a body that occupies   Oil on wood,
          space  and  has  an  infi nite  potential  for  transfi guration,  and  on  its  ability  to   h: 61cm w: 59cm d: 51cm, Artist’s Collection.
          render  palpable  and evident pictorial relationships that  are  suggested  of  a   Below right: Memory of a painting, 2013,
          two-dimensional manner through drawings and paintings. The way in which the   Oil on cotton,
          work takes shape is through the relationship of matter with the several essential   h: 174cm w: 95cm d: 85cm, Artist’s Collection.
          elements that defi ne a space, ie fl oor, ceiling and walls and also through relations   Far right (top and bottom): Double painting, 2013,
          of limit, suspension and prolongation. This might take the form of ideas such as a   Oil on cardboard,
          horizontal plane that welcomes a suspension and blocks a downward motion,   h: 68cm w: 72cm d: 180cm, Artist’s Collection.
          or the elevation of something material in relation to the fl oor toward the ceiling.
          Or the work itself might refer directly to a structural element of architecture (e.g.
          a column, pillar), or suggest a different perception of the space.
          From his background in architecture he explores an awareness and a sensitization
          to the space itself, its occupation and experience by the viewer. This awareness
          is gaining relevance in his work, becoming more evident in his  recent exhibition
          entitled “A body in a space”, at the Monumental Gallery in Lisbon, in which the
          elements that made up the two installations were intrinsically linked to space
          and were conceived and designed in terms of scale and plastic form for this
          purpose, having as reference, two key works of architectural history. The fi rst,
          the Medici Chapel in Florence by Michelangelo, and the second the Church
          of Saint Charles at the Four Fountains in Rome by Borromini, both of which are
          outstanding examples of a unity between various artistic mediums and also in
          how the various formal and plastics elements are combined to create a total
          and dynamic space in the articulation between interior and exterior.

          LOURENÇO  DE  CASTRO  graduated  from  the  Advanced  Course  in  Visual  Arts  at  AR.CO
          (an Independant Art School) in 2002 and has since gone on to participate in a number of
          group exhibitions and solo projects, these include; “Line, Stain, Plan” (installation, sculpture,
          drawing), Nogueira da Silva Museum, Braga (2014), TIAF London, The Rag Factory, London
          (2014),  “Art  Today”,  National  Society  of  Fine  Arts,  Lisbon  (2014),  “A  body  in  a  space”,
          (installation, painting, sculpture), Galeria Monumental, Lisbon (2013), Concinnitas, National
          Museum of Natural History and Science – Sala do Veado, Lisbon, Portugal (2012), Still Life,
          Galeria Monumental, Lisbon, Portugal (2011), Roving Shadows, MNHN – Sala do Veado,
          Lisbon, Portugal (2009), From Matter, Fábrica do Braço de Prata, Lisbon, Portugal (2008),
          While appropraition, Arquivo 237, Lisbon, Portugal (2013), Cabinet d'Amateur, MNHN – Sala
          do Veado, Lisbon, Portugal (2010) and On Europe - 1st Biennial Montijo – IX Award Vespeira,
          Montijo,  Portugal.  In  2002 de  Castro  received  an  Honourable  Mention  in  the  7th  Young
          Painters Fidelity Prize at Culturgest, Lisbon, Portugal.

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