Paul McCloskey

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Review by J.E. Raddatz

"Paul McCloskey's art is beautiful and profound"... "My initial response to Paul’s work was a single monosyllabic utterance: “Whoa.” Not exactly T.S Elliot, but the feeling was there, I assure you"
The State of Art


"McCloskey’s paintings have been described as ‘visually delicious’, in particular the ‘Reloaded’ series which utilize the textural qualities of the paint, they are painterly, luxuriant and rich in appearance"

Review by Lisa Mikulski

"It is rare that a work of art, or a series of works, strikes me with a physical as well as an emotional reaction. The work of Paul McCloskey is literally breathtaking in its composition, colour, and execution"
The State of Art

3D & Sculpture

"He plays masterfully with light, colour, contrast and texture to give the viewer a visual banquet, drawing us into his world of being, transporting us to that place of no mind. The ‘beautiful and profound’ in McCloskey’s paintings combine to make something truly desirable, powerful and extraordinary"

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